Looking for GOOD NEWS

Hi all
it has been an eon I know
Life has been too damn deppressing with so many sick with significant cancers in the family and friends that I have chosen not to post constantly
Just keep us in your prayers and be glad your not related to us because right now that would be a risk factor for major illness

So the reason I am posting is I am looking for any and all GOOD news
I plan to live vicarious through YOU until my life settles down

Love and Humor

dad update

HI All

We are in need of some prayers here

Dad was admitted to the MICU tonight for congestive heart failure issues and respiratory issues. 

He is stable now and is receiving more blood products to further stabilize him.

The doctor only gave him a prognosis of 3-6 months at this time.

We are all quite shaken up.

So Again I am asking for prayers for his healing and for strength to the family as we help him through this which ever way it goes.




beware the whine

Ok where else can one whine but on one of these sites right?

Actually I was raging earlier but I've calmed
we got a letter from the town that stated we are in ordanance violation
because a part of the soffit/facia is  hanging
we have till 3/24 to correct this

you know what I want to tell who ever didn't have enough to do that they trolled the neighborhood  for an imperfect house
aside from get a life
the siding has been like this for quite some time but we just haven't had the cash to do the whole job and a neighbor was going to fix that but then didn't
neither of us will get on a ladder up to the top peak of our house
nope not going to happen
right now this is just not in the top 10
or even 100 things for me to do right now!!!!!

We are working on getting Dad scheduled for the biopsy but heard nothing on that today!  not good!!  frustrating!!!

I did warn this was a whiney rant

thanks for hanging in there with me

looking beyond our situation

Hi all
I committed to this fundraising walk prior to Dad's illness but still believe in this and will walk as long as there is no crisis.
Concern helps with world hunger.  Our team Running Down a Dream has a goal of at least $250.  If you could donate a little or a lot I would appreciate it.
So many people go hungry everyday.  We also support our local food bank but a friend contacted us to do this walk 5 miles to fight hunger and poverty worldwide.


Thank you

cancer cancer everywhere

Well we have an update
Dad has lung cancer in the right side
From what I can tell it is stage 4
So I would appreciate any prayer you can send for healing
No treatment plan yet awaiting oncologist and biopsy
Hopefully soon though

and a month ago I thought I only had to worry about making choices on an adoption...silly me.  Still need to do that but it has moved to a back seat right now.

What kinda crazy energy is going on that so many people are getting so sick!  I just heard of 2 more people I know that have breast cancer.

I hope everyone is healthy and doing well.


Prayer requests

Prayer request


Hello everyone

I have received some very upsetting news this evening

My father has just been told he has metastatic cancer and they are in the process of finding the primary site

They think it maybe lung cancer that spread to the abdomen

So I am asking for prayers for his healing and for strength to weather this storm

additional prayers are needed as well for my step mother in law Mary who had healed from her breast cancer last year and now she is being worked up for leg pain that is either a fracture or a tumor.


Thank you everyone


Happy Thanksgiving

Words seemed to have failed me today as I sat to write a note of gratitude to all the wonderful people in our lives.

I am passing along this Heartquote as it summed up what I have been living and feeling this last year.

I have much Gratitude for the strength and courage to walk my walk that I have talked for many years.

I am thankful for all of you who support me on my path.

Blessings to all you glorious people!



"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."

- John F. Kennedy

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